What is this fucking site?

Horobox~~ is a free (oh god we're not private again) file hosting service launched back in 2011 as a toy for messing with php.
It lets you share shit online with other users, honestly what were you expecting with this question?

So what can I fucking upload cunt.

Anything but executables or files over 100MiB.
Like seriously, don't even think about uploading malware or I'll go nuclear on your asshole, I'm warning you cunt.

Alright so porns good then yeah?

As long as its not child porn, gore or anything personal, seriously I'm sick of looking at your tiny ass dicks, I'm really, really not intrested boys, unless you're over 6.3" and thick as my fist you can fuck off.

Gibs and shit, it k?

Did you just not fucking read what I said above you stupid motherfucking sick ass wankbucket.
Go upload your fetish somewhere else.

Ey mate what about warez?


Do you look at the files?

Yep, suck it, my server my rules bitch.

Do you delete files?

Daft question, if I find something unsuitable I will delete it.

Do you keep logs of uploaded works?

Maybe. :^)

Where can I report abuse/takedowns?

Send your shit to [email protected].
Please also put effort into these reports, otherwise you'll get laughed at, publically.

I have a question...

Fuck off. Well alright if you really want me to hear it send it here [email protected], better be good though.